Advantages Of Rinnai Gas Heaters

Conventional heaters are NOT energy efficient; they burn all the oxygen quickly, give smell, and are dangerous (you have seen people dyeing due to them?) Safe heaters are 100% safe to operate, have advantage of heating the space quickly as the hot air is pushed from the source and it consumes lot less energy (gas/LPG) than the conventional heaters. Why go for local heater when you can buy Safe Heater at same or less price?

When buying always look for the rate of heat energy conversion in Kcal/h or BTUs/h according to the area of room.

Yes, it means natural gas/sui gas heater.

Japanese heaters operate on 110v. Till 2017. we provided a 220v converter but from 2018 we have installed converter inside the heater. So, you no longer need an external converter. This way, you don’t have to carry converter and no risk of plugging the heater directly into the socket.

Safe Heater works only when the electric power is present, however you can easily operate them on UPS too since they take only 20-30 Watt.

Whether it is Osaka or Tokyo Gas, in any case the OEM is Rinnai Japan.

12A and 13A are types of domestic gas in Japan and NOT amperage (Amp). 13A is more efficient in terms of its burn ability and thus produces better heating (2.44kw as compared to 2.27kw; see below) The tag is explained here (the tag may vary from model to model but generally information is same)

  • 100 V = Input Voltage of 100V
  • 25/26 Watts = Power consumed blower fan. As the input voltage is 100V and Power consumed is 25 Watts; the amperage of unit = P/V = 25/100 =0.25amps
  • 13A/ 12A = Types of domestic gas
  • 2.44-2.27KW/ 2100/1950 Kcal/h) = Heating Capacity
  • 1998 = Year of Manufacture

Operating the Japanese panel is pretty easy and straight forward. For ease, we have translated a panel of one of the models. Almost all panels are more or less same.

This normally happens when the gas pressure is low. Do you get any error codes on display? Normally there is error 11 or 12 when there is no gas or low pressure.

If you heater is not working due to direct 220v power you need to send it back to our showroom, we will repair the circuit and give it back. Cost of such repair is Rs. 2,000/repair job.

No, brand new heater starts from Rs. 40,000. These are used models in very good condition. We check every product in our lab, verify its working, do paint job of required, and then offer it to our clients. These heaters are working without any problem for many years at our client’s offices, homes, and factories.

The N models are made on or after Year 2000 whereas normal models are before Year 2000. From performance stand point both models are good. The N models sometime have additional features like an Air filter.

If your heater is under warranty and there is a problem you call us to discuss the issue. We offer 6 months warranty of 220v converter. If issue needs workshop repair you can take the heater to our nearest service shop in Islamabad or Lahore. For repair / service locations, please whatsapp at 0316-622-5526