Ceramic Heaters

Discover efficient and versatile heating solutions with ceramic gas heaters. These innovative devices utilize advanced ceramic heating elements to provide rapid warmth while ensuring energy efficiency. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, ceramic gas heaters offer a safe and convenient way to stay cozy during colder months. Explore our range of ceramic gas heaters to find the perfect blend of warmth and convenience for your space.

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    Balti Model Japanese Heater Model 451 2.09KW

    • Efficient ceramic heating plates
    • Quiet operation
    • Minimal fumes
    • Wide heat distribution (Inn Balti shape)
    • Portable and user-friendly
    • Ideal for small to medium rooms
    • Quick and even heating
    • Noiseless performance
    • Healthier air quality
    •  Consistent warmth throughout the room
    •  Easy to move and operate
    • Perfect for bedrooms, living spaces, and offices
    •  Refurbished to like-new condition
    •  Manufacturer may vary based on stock availability

    Comfort Solutions’ Ceramic Japanese Heaters offer efficient and quiet heating with wide heat distribution. These refurbished heaters are suitable for various rooms and come from various manufacturers based on stock availability.