5.8KW Tower Filter Electric Gas Heaters


  • 5.08KW
  • Ideal for Large Halls, Theatres
  • Ideal for Room size: 20×20 ; 18×22 and above
  • 220 volts converted!
  • LPG or Natural gas model choice
  • Energy-efficient up to 50%Gas saving
  • Can operate even at a low gas pressure
  • Power consumption 20-30 Watts like an energy saver
  • Air filter operation for clean air
  • Automatic shut down in case of Gas failure
  • Child-lock secure for children
  • Odorless, smokeless, and noiseless operation
  • 6-month warranty included

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5.8KW Tower Filter Electric Gas Heaters 2022

The 5.8KW Tower are Filter Electric Gas Heaters with two models; the choice is yours whether you need an LPG or Natural gas heater. It converts 220 volts, and its energy-efficient technology keeps your bills in check.

These are the most portable and affordable heaters for home use. It has the power of 5.8KW, includes child-lock security for children, and has an automatic shut down function in any gaseous load-shedding. It is ideal for Large Halls, Theatres, and rooms of 20×20; 18×22 and above sizes. It consists of an air filtrate operation that keeps the air clean from harmful dust and particles. It can operate at low pressure with an extra smooth flow. The company offers a 6 months brand warranty.

The smokeless and noiseless operation of the 5.8KW Tower Filter keeps your apartment warm and calm, providing complete comfort for self-study or getting rest. It’s more efficient and reliable in operation and provides total safety functions that protect you from accidental issues.

5.8KW Tower Filter Electric Gas Heaters


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