Center Panel

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    2.4KW Center Panel Japanese Gas Heaters LPG


    2.4KW Heater: Ideal for Cozy Spaces 🔥

    Room Size: Perfect for spaces measuring 12×14 ft or 12×12 ft 🏠

    Voltage: Converted to 220 volts for Pakistani market ⚡

    Fuel Options: Choose between LPG or Natural Gas Option 🍂

    Energy-Efficiency: Save up to 50% on gas bills! 💰

    Low Gas Pressure? No Problem!: It operates smoothly even at low gas pressure 📉

    Eco-Friendly: Electric Power consumption is just 20–30 Watts, like an energy-saver bulb 💡

    Clean Air: Includes an air filter for fresh, clean air 🌬️

    Safety First: Automatic shutdown in case of gas failure ⛔

    Child-Proof: Equipped with a child-lock for added security 👶

    Comfort Guaranteed: Odorless, smokeless, and noiseless operation 🌫️

    Warranty: Enjoy peace of mind with a 6-month repair warranty 📆


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    4.07KW Center Panel Tokyo Gas Heater

    • 4.07KW
    • Ideal for Large Room, TV Lounge, Small Hall
    • Ideal for Room size: 12×18 ; 16×16 or equal
    • 220 volts converted!
    • LPG or Natural gas model choice
    • Energy-efficient up to 50%Gas saving
    • Can operate even at a low gas pressure
    • Power consumption 20-30 Watts like an energy saver
    • Air filter operation for clean air
    • Automatic shut down in case of Gas failure
    • Child-lock secure for children
    • Odorless, smokeless, and noiseless operation
    • 6-month warranty included